Brands Babled Edition

Babled Edition is the Lisbon based studio of Emmanuel Babled and consists of a pan-European team and production, that collaborates with numerous European craft districts and leads to a worldwide visibility. Driven by anthropological interest and physical presence, it integrates observation of materials and techniques in their authentic surroundings committed to places and social conditions.

Babled Edition creates artworks with the highest quality and experience in craftsmanship ability, by mixing ancient knowledge with high performance technological tools to allow for sophisticated production processes to create iconic pieces and inspire design community.

Explores technical heritage and knowhow in a methodology that is based on coordination, speed, intuition and knowledge, in order to
revitalize the interest in craft production and career and promotes crafted production towards a top worldwide market of international connoisseur.

The Babled Edition signature is distinguished by original forms and excellence of materials resulting from a work process that celebrates traditional techniques respects the raw materials and is committed to cultural and human characteristics of each production context.

Babled Design Unipessoal Lda

Rua da Madalena, nº85, 1º andar
1100-319 Lisboa, Portugal


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