Designers Angelo Lussiana

Angelo Lussiana's choice of cardboard as the material with which to make his objects was a fortuitous one: at the time, in 2011, he intended to take up woodworking again, which had been his lifelong passion; but when he realised that he didn't have enough time to make some reindeer place cards for his Christmas lunch, looking for a solution, he was handed a cardboard box.

Since then it has been a continuous discovery of the properties of this material: "you know it's fragile and you find it extremely resistant; cardboard is actually a sturdy material, it has the formula for its robustness inherent in its structure, the flutes of the corrugated sheets, which if cutted transversely form the characteristic waves, the hidden detail that I love to exhibit, to bring out, to bring to light: I rotate the cardboard by 90°, gluing each single profile side by side, and this makes the objects so strong that it is possible to drive a car over them.

You wouldn't use it because of its rigidity and roughness, but then you discover that it can give you flexible and velvety surfaces: the transformation of the sheet into another material, "cardboard fabric", has allowed me to make handbags that have nothing to fear in terms of portability compared to those made of leather or fabric".

The manufacturing process is mainly manual: except for the cutting, which is almost always numerically controlled for the necessary precision of every detail, the entire assembly and finishing phase can only be done by hand. It takes hours to sand the surfaces of each object to make them uniform and soft, and then to free each flute of sanding residue.

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