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News, Milan, Interviews — 05 March 2024

Architectural Scenarios: at the Milan Fuorisalone 2024, the Dutch architect duo i29 signs an interior design project focused on customization and which integrates the Valcucine collections to give shape to a holistic space.

Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen are the two founding partners of i29, an interior and architecture studio that Valcucine involved, together with other designers, to interpret three kitchen collections and give shape to the 2024 "Architectural Scenarios" display.

In the Valcucine flagship store in Corso Garibaldi 99, some of the spaces are going to be therefore imagined by the duo to host the Genius Loci, Logica Celata and Riciclantica Outline, designed by the founder and designer Gabriele Centazzo, thanks to the simple yet sophisticated approach of i29 which "gives shape to physical experiences around us: a clear, effective and surprising world."

Architectural Scenarios Valcucine © i29

Could you tell us about the project you designed for the event “Architectural Scenarios” by Valcucine?
We developed three installations, each based on specific features of Valcucine’s kitchen collection. Three different spatial experiences telling their own story about sophistication (Riciclantica Outline), craftsmanship (Genius Loci) and creativity (Logica Celata).

What is your personal relationship with the kitchen environment?
In our projects we strive for simplicity, clarity and a unified experience of space. Yet, a kitchen often is a stand-alone object that needs to be fitted within the existing context. For the best integration of a kitchen in it’s surrounding we often develop customized solutions.

How does this scenario represent a holistic approach to designing a home environment?
Every detail of this installation is connected to each other, and this contributes to a unified experience that celebrates the specific features and details of each kitchen.

How did you translate Valcucine's values into your interior design project?
We show brand values like artistry, craftsmanship or attention to detail in a more abstract way by using them as an overall theme for the design; for example the Logica Celata kitchen acts like a blanc canvas and celebrates creativity. 

How would you define your touch of customization in the context of the kitchens presented this year by Valcucine?
By matching materials, colors and textures of the kitchens in combination with walls or floor finishing and furniture objects we show the possibilities of customization.

Illustration Architectural Scenarios Valcucine © i29

How did you use the Genius Loci, Logica Celata and Riciclantica Outline collections in your project?
We used specific features of each kitchen to develop an installation around it. Genius Loci shows craftsmanship in the smallest detail with a custom wooden finish, Logica Celata is an artistic expression by showing the kitchen as a blanc canvas and the Riciclantica Outline installation shows it’s sophisticated design details with an expressive world of graphic lines.

What is the narrative thread that unites these three different installations?
All three installations are designed and built to show the possibilities and qualities of Valcucine’s collection. What unites them is the way how we translated the brand values into the design proposal. 

The theme of Fuorisalone 2024 is Materia Natura: how would you describe your design relationship with these two concepts?
We feel connected to this theme, since our office’s adagium is to built simplified and uncomplicated spaces with a small footprint yet with a strong identity. Fewer options but with excellent choices made for you, providing sustainable solutions.

How do you imagine the kitchen of tomorrow?
The kitchen of tomorrow would be completely adaptable in size, detail and finish. Firstly to be able to reuse materials but also to merge and connect with the spatial context.

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