ARRCC: the kitchen as a place for soulful narratives

— 20 March 2024

Corso Garibaldi, 99

The collections by Valcucine come to life at the Fuorisalone with Architectural Scenarios, the collective installation that reimagines the conviviality environment par excellence. We talked about it with ARRCC, the studio that signs the interior design project for that space which is "the heart of the house".

ARRCC, an interior studio based in Cape Town, has designed one of the three major exhibition projects for the Fuorisalone 2024 that Valcucine will present in its flagship store in Corso Garibaldi 99: the Architectural Scenarios installation. This initiative will combine creative talent, eclectic design, technical expertise, technological innovation and respect for the environment in the design idea of the kitchen space, increasingly integrated into the concept of a dynamic and flexible home, which adapts to users. The Valcucine collections designed by Gabriele Centazzo thus come to life thanks to the vision of ARRCC who interpreted Artematica Soft Outline and Forma Mentis with refined sensitivity.


Could you tell us about the project you designed for the event “Architectural Scenarios” by Valcucine?
ARRCC aimed to curate practical kitchen scenarios that seamlessly integrate our approach to luxurious lifestyles. Our goal was to create high-end functional spaces that not only exhibit exceptional craftsmanship but are also designed for everyday living.

What is your personal relationship with the kitchen environment?
For us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a crucial sensory space which transcends pure function -  forming an aesthetic epicentre of daily experiences. Kitchens are extremely personal, where people converge, break bread and share life. In this context, we have collaborated with OKHA to enhance the experience of the kitchen as a social gathering point by creating a luxurious seating area that naturally inspires human connection and soulful narratives.

How does this new domestic scenario bring a luxurious and innovative experience to the contemporary context?
The “domestic scenarios” provide a glimpse into the endless possibilities and versatility of Valcucine. Their innovative materials, timeless forms and undeniable attention to detail allow for breathtaking spaces at the forefront of contemporary design.

How would you define your artistic and personal touch in the context of the kitchens designed by Gabriele Centazzo?
By utilizing Valcucine’s versatile luxury finishes and designs by Gabriele Centazzo, our design showcases luxurious kitchen environments that harmonize with ARRCC’s distinctive interiors. Valcucine’s unwavering attention to detail aligns perfectly with ARRCC’s timeless approach to contemporary living, resulting in an inviting environment that embodies our commitment to extraordinary living spaces. The introduction of OKHA’s sculptural, landscape forms provide a compelling counterpoint to the architectural compositions of the kitchen elements, adding a feminine tonality.


How did you use the Artematica Soft Outline and Forma Mentis collections in your project?
Both the Artematica Soft Outline and Forma Mentis bring their own unique elements of sophisticated luxury to the space. by celebrating their timeless forms and harnessing their unique details, we were able to source our inspiration from the collections themselves. We further reinforced this design direction by harnessing the customizable elements of these collections, allowing us to introduce dynamic forms in varying proportions for a space rich with interplay of visual dynamism.

What did you try to enhance most about Valcucine's approach in your interior design project?
Their rich materials, attention to detail and timeless forms were undeniably at the forefront of our approach. We ensured that the spaces we created harmoniously integrated and celebrate the kitchen elements, forming a physical extension of the collections themselves. Additionally we wanted to animate the kitchen plan with a highly ergonomic and luxurious selection of seating that through its organic composition provided space for intuitive gathering.

The theme of Fuorisalone 2024 is Materia Natura: how would you describe your design relationship with these two concepts?
Our design incorporates contemporary allusions to nature, through organic shapes, as expressed by the OKHA seating components, chosen materials and subdued colour tones. Forming an aesthetic epicentre of daily experiences, our design aims to encourage well-being, cultivating a nurturing and calming environment.

How do you imagine the kitchen of tomorrow?
We foresee the kitchen of tomorrow to be even more multifunctional and layered. The kitchen has evolved from a space of pure function to the cornerstone of the home. With this evolution comes the need for a great deal of versatility and experiential spaces.

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