memorIA, the cards created by the AI at Fuorisalone

News, Appointments, Milan — 08 March 2024
A realm of infinite possibilities, Silvia Badalotti e Cristian Confalonieri

A Casa Ovunque ’24
Via Savona, 35

memorIA is the memory game revisited with artificial intelligence. This new version combines the most innovative technology with the tradition of the analogue game.

memorIA is an innovative collaboration between Silvia Badalotti and Cristian Confalonieri, developed by Studiolabo in partnership with Condiviso. This project offers a reflection on the use of Artificial Intelligence in creative fields, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with the timeless appeal of analog gaming. memorIA offers a unique twist on the classic memory game: instead of matching identical images, players uncover two distinct visuals generated by advanced AI technology from a shared textual prompt. This dynamic interaction between human input and AI capabilities allows it to generate an image, a text, or a musical piece by associating the received input with elements from its database. During the Design Week 2024, an exhibition featuring some of the images contained in memorIA will be showcased at “A CASA OVUNQUE '24", located at Via Savona 35. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the playful aspect of memorIA at the same venue, where it will also be available for limited edition purchase, published by Demoela.

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