Transition by Stark

News, Appointments, Milan — 11 March 2024
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Sala dei Pilastri
Castello Sforzesco, Piazza Castello


Stark interprets the theme Materia Natura theme and presents Transitions at the Fuorisalone 2024, inviting a multi-sensory exploration into the states in which matter manifests itself with an installation on water.

Stark's installation for the new theme proposed by Fuorisalone invites a multisensory exploration into the states in which matter manifests itself. For the first time, set against the backdrop of the historic Sala dei Pilastri within the Sforza Castle, visitors will embark on a sensory journey through the fluidity of matter. Water, emblematic of the vitality of matter, is portrayed through an experience that leaves room for wonder, where transitions between various states occur thanks to both material and evanescent light with broken lines, winding flows, and intangible punctual elements that meet along the path, forming visual, auditory, and material patterns in transformation. Stark's collaboration with the creative team composed of Alice Buroni, Gloria Lisi, and Alex Buroni offers an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between art and reality, where an unexpected trompe-l'oeil reflects matter and human beings as part of the same nature.

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