Nankang: The Path of New Chinese Development

— 05 April 2024
Nankang Furniture District Association

Via Tortona 35
Opening time: April 15-21 11:00 am /11:00 pm 

Four collections from the Jiangxi province on display.

In the vibrant heart of China, in the city of Nankang, a gem of creativity and tradition has emerged: the Nankang Furniture District Association. Founded back in 2006, this association has set itself a bold yet noble goal: to share with the world the invaluable craftsmanship heritage of Nankang, cultivate local talent, and promote sustainable development.

This year, the Association proudly presents four distinctive collections as part of the Design Week. Among the showcased brands are Huabang, Golomei, IYoung, and Tuan Tuan Yuan.

Huabang stands out for its decade-long commitment to merging development, design, production, and dedication. Its mission is to preserve and promote the ancient art of Ming furniture, a tradition passed down through the centuries. Huabang is the crossroads where tradition and innovation embrace, giving life to timeless works of art that capture wisdom and creativity.

Each piece created by the skilled artisans of Golomei is an expression of the richness and uniqueness of the brand. In addition to offering a comfortable and minimalist environment, Golomei is committed to preserving the environment by adopting sustainable practices in every stage of the production process.

The secret to its success lies in the team of young designers who tirelessly work to blend style and environmental sustainability, redefining the very concept of living and furnishing.

courtesy Nankang Furniture District Association

courtesy Nankang Furniture District Association

IYoung embodies an elegant blend of different styles and cultures, intertwined with the ancient Chinese manufacturing tradition. Unique and precious furniture, emanating timeless elegance and the very essence of the art of design. From classic furniture to contemporary creations, each piece has been carefully crafted with attention to detail, highlighting the craftsmanship passed down through generations.

courtesy Nankang Furniture District Association

courtesy Nankang Furniture District Association

During Design Week, these four distinct collections offer a fascinating glimpse into the richness and diversity of Nankang's design landscape. They are a living testament to the passion, innovation, and dedication that drive the Nankang Furniture District Association, elevating design to a timeless art and a tool for promoting a sustainable future.

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