Six new brands that got noticed at the Fuorisalone

— 02 May 2024

At the Design Week in April, also thanks to the initiatives that increasingly attract independent brands such as Convey, Capsule Plaza or Alcova, we discovered some new brands that are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

brand design traga

New Milanese design brand, tries to redefine useful objects by focusing on glassware: borosilicate glass (pyrex) products are multipurpose and informal, made to spark a conversation. “Traga,” from Proto-Slavic, means the act of leaving a trace or mark, such as the subtle stains and imprints that glasses leave on tablecloths after a lively evening. Traga has a showroom in the south of Milan, in via Ruggero Bonghi, which presents a curated selection of products and offers from time to time to discover exclusive works not available on the online shop.

brand design 70materia

70Materia™, a company that stands out for the production of surfaces with personality and character, presented a preview of Satellite at the Milan Design Week. A project signed by designer Enricomaria Todaro, which represents the evolution of the concept of traditional cuisine, combining contemporary aesthetics and quality workmanship. Authentic materials and primary shapes give rise to a modular and dynamic system, versatile and adaptable to different domestic needs. Made entirely in Italy and designed with natural and recyclable materials, Satellite is the result of 70Materia™'s continuous research into creating aesthetically durable and functional products. A significant progress in the living dialogue between matter and territory.

brand design rira objects

RiRa Objects
Founded in 2020 – the year we all saw the inside of our homes a little more than expected – RiRa is a new brand of extremely cheerful contemporary home objects from the Netherlands. RiRa was born when designer Gijsje Ribbens and fashion agent Bart Ramakers found themselves taking long socially distanced walks together during Amsterdam's first lockdown and built an e-commerce site where design was curated with an eye to fashion. For starting, Sabine Marcelis presented a range of mirrors, Vincent de Rijk crafted shiny, shallow bowls in a mesmerizing array of colors and opacities, the duo Muller Van Severen fashioned a modular Pillow Chair, and then came the glasses of Nienke Sikkema, a cheerful lamp by Mary Pelders and Pieter Vos and cutting boards by Jonas Lutz.

brand design grau

GRAU is a German brand of lighting products, founded by brothers Timon and Melchior Grau and made up of 150 multidisciplinary creatives, which aims to put well-being at the center of designing the presence of light in our spaces. Fire was presented in via Meravigli - the younger brother of Bonfire, which was the protagonist of a large sculpture - with an exhibition that exalted the spiritual and creative power of light in activating the emotions of visitors most connected with the surroundings and a performance which featured the reading of Frankenstein by Office for Human Theater and the music of Ruggero Pietromarchi by Threes Productions.

brand design sfrido estate

Sfrido Estate
New adventure from the Simple Flair duo, Sfrido Estate is a brand of natural stone objects that tries to innovate stone craftsmanship, creating sustainable, rare and exclusive products. The collection proposed by Sfrido Estate includes pieces designed by Martina Guandalini, A617, Cara \ Davide, Kuo Duo and Rafael Prieto, projects that give shape to new traditions in which precious values meet contemporary sensitivity.

brand design pulkra

Pulkra, born from the passion for concrete, curates a bold collection designed by talented designers, including the duo Debonademeo, Stormo Studio or Pio&TitoToso, presented with the title Totally Ordered Structures in the spaces of Design Variations, organized by Moscapartners in viale Gorizia. Through pioneering chemical research, Pulkra transforms concrete into sophisticated and minimalist creations, respecting its honesty and enhancing its elegance. The union of chemistry and industrial skills in the production of cement, in fact, gave rise to ACRON®, a material that embodies the best of both worlds. It is durable, flexible and opens doors to innovative designs that were previously unattainable. The potential applications of ACRON® span a wide spectrum, from structural elements, to artistic interpretations that challenge our preconceptions of concrete as a rigid and heavy material, combining futuristic aesthetics with revolutionary design.

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