A project by Fondazione Italia patria della Bellezza / Interviews by Marco Manzoni - Studio Oikos / Post-production Matteo Bianchessi

The destiny of a country is marked by the strength and credibility of its reputation. The clarity and uniqueness of its competitive identity contribute to its construction. Italy's talent is Beauty. Beauty goes far beyond the mere sense of aesthetics, it is history, culture and territory, but also scientific research and technological avant-garde, design creativity. In addition, there is the agri-food heritage, the ability to build empathetic relationships and the excellence of manufacturing. An unrepeatable plurality that the whole world envies us. It is on this talent that Italy can return to growth, provided that it knows how to transform such potential into a real strategic resource from which to start again and on which to build employment, development and prosperity. We asked some enlightened friends to give us their version, their vision of beauty.

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