Lake Como Design Festival
— Como

16 - 24 September 2023

Lake Como Design Festival is a themed annual event that offers exhibitions, reflections and studies approached through a series of events in the historic centre of the city of Como and around the lake that bears its names. These exhibitions, talks and events take place in historical, unknown and almost forgotten places. The festival mission is to establish an original dialogue between history, design, architecture and art.

Lake Como Design Festival was conceived and promoted by Wonderlake Como, a collection of ideas and people that take up an extra ordinary point of view on the community and setting of Lake Como. Wonderlake Como carries out publishing projects and organises cultural events with the aim of promoting, in Italy and worldwide, a modern and integrated image of an area that has always been possessed of a strong identity.

Opportunities to contaminate these places with international contents and languages in a fundamental exchange of points of view, to create new connections and unprecedented perspectives.

Associazione Wonderlake Como
via Alessandro Volta 70
22100 Como, Italia


Lake Como Design Festival 2023 — 16 - 24 September 2023

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