Vlad Zvarych is a Ukrainian perfumer, collector, conceptualist and critic. He is an ideologist of the revival of modern Ukrainian perfumery.

Since 2020, Vlad has been the Chairman of the Guild of Perfumers of Ukraine. He is a collector of the Museum of vintage Ukrainian perfumery.


Vlad Zvarych has a unique sense and creates new service products in the field of perfumery. He is a developer of a methodology for teaching subjects: “Introduction to Olfactory Arts” and “Perfume Stylist”.

He is also a curator of olfactory projects, founder of the OLFACTORIUM creative association and promoter of OLFACTORIUM PERFUME PARTY. Founder of the ARBORETUM perfume brand.

As a founder of olfactory practices he initiated a number of art projects, including a plein air of perfumers. Smell is the last sense to become “machine-readable”. It is a sense which will never exist in digital, meta anything. You can just feel it in real life.