Designer Mandalaki

Mandalaki is a product and consulting design firm founded in 2012 by Enrico De Lotto, George Kolliopoulos and Giovanni Senin in Milan, Italy. Davide Giovannardi became partner in 2013. The team has different educated background in Product Design, Economy and Art.

Mandalaki explores the intersection between design and technology to create unique pieces of high quality and conceptual values as a result in their consistent innovative approach between industrial and artisanal processes.

Extremely pure shapes conceal years of meticulous technical and aesthetic research that characterize their iconic and recognizable products, architectures and art pieces.

Each project is connected to one another: from modular micro houses to electric car, from lighting installations to furniture. The projects are driven by the research of essentiality and functionality as well as sustainability and performance.

In the recent years, Mandalaki focused on an extended research of the nature of lighting which has led to the creation of Halo Project. The intention is no longer to perceive the light as a source of illumination but as a precise and defined graphic projection. An union is then established between both entities: the physical object and the metaphysical projection. The result is a new family of lamps designed for different landscapes, capable of creating worlds of nuance in which people can dive in as a source of new energy.

In 2018 Mandalaki designed Monocabin Prefab, a tiny house, to explore the intimate space of the individual. The architecture was conceived such as a livable design object while promoting a democratic and unique vision. The result is a miniature modular house with the first prototype build in Rhodes and available to visit in order to discover this experience offered by the design studio.

Today, Monocabin presents three different sizes of a highly smart, functional and eco-friendly prefab house which can be placed anywhere around the world.

Mandalaki strongly believe in interdisciplinary approach to bring value to their works and empowering their networks from artists to scientists.

Mandalaki has exposed its works worldwide at leading galleries, fairs and institutions including:

Stockholm Furniture Fair, (Stockholm, Sweeden 2013), Icff Award (NYC, USA  2014), Josef and Anni Albers Foundation (Connecticut, USA 2015), Hong Kong Electronic Show (HK 2016), CES Las Vegas (USA 2017), Rossana Orlandi (Milano, MDW 2018), Matadero, Centro de creaciòn contemporànea (Madrid, 2019) Observatoire Le Marais (Paris, 2019), Daimaru (Osaka, Japan 2019)

via Pizzi 24 20141 Milan

Nazione: Italy