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ST. ChristoFEAR
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Dal 15/06 ALLE 08:00

ST. ChristoFEAR

Are you ready?

St. Christofear proposes a new experience to overcome FEAR through EXTREME SPORTS. Its main strategy is to BREAK THE BALANCE of San Cristoforo Train Station in physical and experimental terms. To achieve this goal, FRAGMENTATION is used as a medium to emphasize each of the potentials inside the space to create not only new connections but also innovative activities.  The site has been divided into 7 different environments following a CRACK that separates the compact space into smaller pieces. The link between each environment creates a new whole experience that shapes an ongoing change in the personal challenges that fear generates on the users.  The activities to overcome fear are 6 extreme sports: fighting, slacklining, kayak, parkour, jumping, and climbing. RUNNING, as a natural reaction to fear, is the main RITUAL. The project proposes 3 LANDMARKS on strategic spots that interact with the original frame of the site. The abandoned building becomes a RIB CAGE, to overcome fears by running. The bridge becomes the PURPLE VOID, to defeat fear by jumping or climbing. Finally, the unconnected end of the site is the BLACK DIAMOND, to overcome fear with parkour.



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