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Triennale International Exhibition Milan 2016 'making is thinking is making'
From 8/10 AT 00:00

Triennale International Exhibition Milan 2016 'making is thinking is making'

The exhibition is based on the opinions of various craftspeople, designers, artists, theorists, and organizers about the significance of crafts-manship, which necessarily requires time in the world where everything is consumed instantly. We attempt to demonstrate the social and cultural significance of craft. To do so, we use project archive at the center of the exhibition to examine from various perspectives the evolution of individual craftsperson’s act of making. We also focused on making it the place of active learning and free discussion, instead of passive viewing. I hope that this exhibition provides a good opportu\-nity to rediscover the importance of traditional craft from the perspective of making and crafts- manship while finding a way for craft to expand its role in the society and ensure its future by building relations with other branches of art and collaborating with them.



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