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CONSTANCY & CHANGE IN KOREAN TRADITIONAL CRAFT_2014 Una modernità che nasce dalla tradizione, capace di evolversi, pur preservando la sua autenticità
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CONSTANCY & CHANGE IN KOREAN TRADITIONAL CRAFT_2014 Una modernità che nasce dalla tradizione, capace di evolversi, pur preservando la sua autenticità

The Constancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2014 exhibition will be held in the Triennale di Milano in April for a second consecutive year. The eleven pieces of traditional Korean crafts presented last year each revealed a cross section of the nation’s tradition in craft, which each artisan has evolved throughout his or her life. Opinion leaders in design, craft, architecture and other endeavors who visited the exhibition among the many shows of the Milano Design Week instantly understood the depth of sophistication in the objects. They seemed to share the moving moments of feeling the internal beauty and values of Korean handicrafts which have been carried on over many centuries. As the Executive Creative Director of the exhibition last year, I celebrated the good news that some of the exhibited works of our artisans had been included in collections at the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Taking place in the season and location that attracts the greatest crowds in Europe, the Korean traditional craft exhibition was an excellent opportunity to show the lesser-known artistic roots of Korean cultural tradition that buttress the advanced capabilities. Another valuable achievement of the show was that it inspired artisans who have tenaciously pursued the lonesome, sometimes painful path of traditional craftsmanship. They were encouraged and have gained conviction to move forward. We head to Milano again in April in 2014, this time with more diverse and enriched abundant works of traditional craft. Same as last year, the exhibition will be held during the well-attended International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition at the same venue -- La Triennale di Milano -- which is known for its selectiveness and high attendance. The theme of this year’s exhibition is the five materials of the Korean traditional craft: ceramics, hanji (Korean mulberry paper), textiles, metal, and lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Through their works, each of the 21 artists conveys the depth and philosophy of the materials. As for display, use of special techniques will be minimized in order to convey more effectively the restrained beauty of our craft. Multiple numbers of the same artifacts will be arranged to reveal the artistic authenticity through the essence of the material. Overall, the show will highlight the simplicity of forms and pure quality of materials of Korean traditional craft.



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- Hosted by : Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Republic of Korea - Organized by : Korea Craft & Design Foundation
- Creative Director : Sohn Hye-won
- Artists : Lee Kang-hyo, Lee Gee-jo, Hwang Gil-nam, Heo Mi-hi, Ju Gyeong-ja, Kim Hyo-jung, Lee Sun-dong, Baek Song-bae, Kim Gi-ja, Bang Seung-im, Kim Jeong-ok, Park Myeong-bae, Han Kyung-hwa, Kang Seong- hi, Kim Eun-hye, Lee Bong-ju, Lee Gyoung-dong, Hwang Sam-yong, Lee Sung-woon, Chung Chang-ho.

Presso: La Triennale di Milano

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