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Milesi and Aran Cucine: a valuable partnership that looks at the future.

The keyword is SUSTAINABILITY, not longer just as a of development model but as a VALUE that focuses on the protection of the environment and human health This is the meeting point between MILESI and ARAN Cucine, unted joined in the pursuit of excellence with an important partnership that will lead to the creation of an innovative project that will be presented,as an international preview, at EuroCucina, Salone del Mobile 2022.
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MILESI has been offering coatings with low levels of environmental impact, as a result of the synergy between innovative research and production implemented in its Parona plant, one of the greenest in the world. The Healthy.Wood (Hygienic) and BioPAINT (Renewable) coatings represented a real revolution in terms of innovation and environmental sustainability


And this was exactly the "fil rouge" that joined MILESI and ARAN Cucine, as reported in an extract from ARAN Cucine’s press release introducing our partnership:


"[...] The attention and love for the world we live in are values with deep roots, which have always inspired the company's production processes and choices. The research of ecological or recyclable materials is therefore important in order to offer Green solutions, especially when related to the kitchen, the heart of every home and a space in which furnishing choices are fundamental. This is the reason why, once again, the Abruzzo-based company is aiming to achieve excellence by choosing MILESI, IVM Group, as its partner. MILESI is a brand distributed in over 100 countries, now one of the largest and most important in Europe and the World, specialising in wood coatings with highly sustainable processes. Continuous research and innovation has led to the creation of two technologies that have provided unprecedented painting solutions: BioPAINT, sustainable because developed with raw materials from renewable sources, and Healthy.Wood, hygienic because they provide surfaces with complete and lasting protection against bacteria, inhibiting bacterial proliferation by more than 99.9%. A concrete choice, therefore, which sees man, his well-being, and the world we live in at the centre of every process. This collaboration will see its maximum expression in the development of a particularly innovative project that will be presented as an international preview at EuroCucina, Salone del Mobile 2022. ARAN Cucine thus confirms its commitment to safeguarding the environment, proposing ecofriendly solutions designed especially for those who are looking for flexibility, functionality, ethics and sustainability, in life as in furnishing, thanks to important partnerships with companies with high skills and values that look towards the future with positivity, winning new challenges together for an increasingly sustainable world".

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Partner - ARAN Cucine

The creation and development of the ARAN Cucine brand is really fascinating. The protagonist Renzo Rastelli is a self-made man. He started taking care of kitchens when he was 20 years old and everybody knew him as a footballer. Rastelli founded Newform Cucine and his vocation was from the beginning to conquer the foreign market. His career was extremely fast: in the early 2000s Rastelli took a leading role in the ARAN Cucine business and the success came from the brilliant idea of the flatpack which makes it possible to load in one single container more than 40 kitchens.. Since the beginning, the attitude was global although keeping the production in the industrial area of Atri, in Abruzzo.


The fact that ARAN Cucine is a company committed to sustainability is confirmed by the Green Brand award received for four years, but also by its latest important project, Oasi, created in collaboration with architect Stefano Boeri, designer of this special edition of the Salone del Mobile.