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Personal Comfort and Sustainable Environments. For sanitizing indoor spaces

Personal Comfort and Sustainable Environments

What provides comfort and safety in your home? What makes you feel good in your own space?

Environmental comfort is defined as "that particular condition of well-being determined, according to the sensory perceptions of an individual in an environment, by temperature, air humidity, noise level and brightness detected within that environment". The essence of a comfortable and functional home is creating an atmosphere that makes us feel good and at ease, as soon as we step in the door.

When we arrive at the end of the day, we typically switch on a light and hang up our coat or jacket.
These hangers are usually visible and bulky, cluttering the space, and often with inadequate lighting.

KUSHIM CARING DESIGN applies innovative technologies to improve the quality of our indoor living environments. Its newest product, the SanLight Valet Stand, will be proudly showcased at this year's Fuorisalone in Milan in September 2021.

Using the principle of synthetic UV lamps to sanitise the air much like natural sunshine, this multifunctional valet stand stores and sanitises your outdoor clothing and items so you can feel secure in your own indoor living space. It also creates a relaxing ambient light and even becomes a convenient and stylish mobile wardrobe, providing order and cleanliness for any room.

SanLight Valet Stand is certified by the Immuno-Biology Laboratory in the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at the Luigi Sacco University Hospital in Milan, Italy. After rigorous testing, this innovative product has demonstrated its ability to break down and inactivate SARS-Cov-2 viral loads, using a natural and harmless method. Pollutants, and especially bacteria, viruses, moulds, and odours, are drastically reduced on your clothing: outerwear, coats and objects stored inside the SanLight Valet Stand are completely sanitised.

SanLight Valet Stand functions as a LED lamp with separate light sources. These special LEDs have several advantages, including reduced space requirements, low energy consumption even with a colour rendering index of over 80, and no point source heating effect. Their total luminous power is equivalent to a traditional 500 watts incandescence but has a total power consumption of about 100 watts from two different sources: 66 watts and 33 watts, respectively. The energy savings afforded by this product are clearly sigificant, which is good for your budget and for sustainability.

SanLight Valent Stand also becomes a mobile wardrobe, mounted on four wheels, that is very easy to rotate and to move around your living space.  

KUSHIM CARING DESIGN will display its entire collection at the NVK Design showroom
in Via Cola Montano 6, Milan, from 4th to 10th September 2021, at 10.00 am to 6.00 pm daily.





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SanLight Valet Stand

SanLight Valet Stand, the latest multifunctional project by KUSHIM CARING DESIGN, is presented as a mobile furnishing accessory for sanitising rooms and clothes, as an attractive lamp and light sculpture at the same time.

SanLight Valet Stand consists of a parallelepiped with one side open and the other three sides closed by sheets of milk-white polycarbonate covered with white enamelled steel grids. Inside there is a rotating tube with two separate discreetly hidden supports for hanging jackets, coats and hats. Once the garments have been stored, the stand can be effortlessly rotated by turning the open side towards the wall so that only the three closed sides remain visible or adjusted to illuminate the room.

Two light sources are located internally and externally: light from the inside passes through polycarbonate sheets, illuminating the surroundings in a very soft shade. The large surfaces of the sheets diffuse the intensity of the LEDs to avoid glare, offering an extremely comfortable sensation. The silhouette of the external white enamelled steel grids surrounding the SanLight Valet Stand is enhanced by backlighting, making it an elegant light sculpture; the second light source is located on the top outer edge or the "cap" of the parallelepiped, providing a higher luminous flux than the inner one, as it is directed upwards and reflects off the ceiling and walls it also provides an intense glare-free light. If required, both light sources can be switched on at the same time, offering far more illumination and a more relaxing setting than a conventional light point.

SanLight Valet Stand is designed by Kushim Caring Design and draws inspiration from the Servomutante project produced by NVK Design, in collaboration with Valentina Fantin and Daniele Savi.                  



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