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The Tokyo Toilet – TTT / Milano

"THE TOKYO TOILET (TTT)", the project that combines Japanese design and hospitality to create a new concept of the public toilet, arrives in Milan with an exhibition at the Triennale, an installation at the UNIQLO store, and the redesign of the bathrooms public of the Duomo stop through the art of Daido Moriyama.”
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The Tokyo Toilet – TTT / Milano

After the great success and the interest aroused by the public toilets of Shibuya, the project arrives in Milan for the 2022 Furniture Show and Design Week 2022.

In a city with an international soul, which in recent years has made a name for itself as a crossroads for economic but above all cultural exchanges, the challenge of TTT is to make the Milanese, design enthusiasts, and the public of the Fuori Salone change their perspectives about public toilets.

It is an important challenge that starts from a bathroom installed in the Duomo underground station, designed by SKWAT, an artists’ collective from Tokyo, in collaboration with the graphic designer Satoshi Machiguchi and with Daidō Moriyama, one of the greatest representatives of Japanese street photography, known all over the world and particularly sensitive to the topics of life in big cities.

His photos, reproduced in large dimensions and distributed at different points to involve and convey the inspiration underlying the project, will guide passers-by to discover the concept of The Tokyo Toilet and try out the public toilet in the Duomo station.

The Tokyo Toilet will also feature in an exhibition at the Triennale of Milan, where all the public toilets of Tokyo will be represented with an installation between Art and Design, together with the work by Moriyama, his peculiar vision of the urban dimension, his unusual and provocative style. It will be one more occasion to learn more about Japanese culture and the aspects that daily life in cities all over the world have in common and in an ideal relay between Tokyo and Milan.

“The Tokyo Toilet / Milano” includes the complete renovation of the public toilets in the Duomo underground station, which will be donated to the city of Milan and which for the whole of the Design Week will be characterized by an artistic wrapping with the photographs by Moriyama. The project has been developed in collaboration with bathroom manufacturer TOTO, known in Japan and around the world for the highest standards of bathroom and toilet culture. Those equipment will be donated to the municipality of Milan.

Completing this project, a special installation will be presented in the UNIQLO store which will make The Tokyo Toilet project and the Japanese culture of hospitality and cleansing visible and immediately comprehensible, both with dedicated showcases which can also attract passers-by, and with set-ups in the spaces and the internal garden.

In a word, the new, unexpected and unmissable “place to be” of the next FuoriSalone will be a public toilet.

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