Event 2021

UNICA presents Orbita collection

The ORBITA project stems from the desire to create highly representative tables by attributing the POETIC IDEA of the form to the feature.

The ECLITTICA table, without planets, leaves the sun as the sole protagonist while ALLINEAMENTI, proposes one of the rarest configurations of the sky when all the planets find themselves aligned along an imaginary line like May, 9th 1126 we have chosen as an example for historicity.

An unavoidable fusion of conceptual form and decoration, born from the thought that the elliptical shape of the support surface in crystal designs the orbit of the planets around the SUN.
The whole elliptical top is in stratified and bevelled glass, decorated with two-grain golden powders and trimmed leaves that represent the planets of the solar system. At the base a conical crater and supporting cable, illuminated inside, covered in gold leaf (the SUN) and then the orbit element (PLUTO) in shaped glass and silver leaf with black painting, covers a circular top plate that embraces it the plan becoming an integral part of the alignment of the planets but the only three-dimensional protagonist like the sun and on which it powerfully draws the orbit.

Different graphics for ECLITTICA, tones that recall the celestial darkness emphasized by a dusting of gold dust or a white base that highlights the light given off by the sun both reinforced by Pluto, the black planet.
The variants of Orbita are expressed in LUNA NERA, LUNA BIANCA and LUNA ROSSA concepts.

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