Grand Seiko presents the space Matter In Motion

— 05 April 2024
Grand Seiko designer at work

Matter in Motion c/o Casa Brera
Via Formentini, 10
from 15 to 21 April 2024

Grand Seiko

An immersive space in which to experience the contemplative dimension of the natural environment and the dynamism of the great metropolis. Here, matter is transformed into a path marked by the watch hands of Grand Seiko.

With the 2024 edition, the partnership between the Japanese watch manufacturer and Fuorisalone is renewed. A collaboration that sees Grand Seiko Official Timekeeper of Fuorisalone and Brera Design Week for the second year. Grand Seiko is re-interpreting the theme of the Fuorisalone 2024 'Materia Natura' - by proposing to the international public an original and unique format that explores the link between these two elements in relation to time and the Brand's philosophy expressed by the concept 'The Nature of Time'.

The word nature, besides evoking the origin of everything, is also a clear reference to the most pressing and topical issues and emphasizes the importance of promoting projects oriented towards increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. At the same time, the word matter is in direct dialogue with design, creative thinking, and the propensity to imagine endless possible transformations.

Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi

Located in the heart of the Brera district, the Grand Seiko space will be transformed into a birch forest, in homage to the evocative landscape surrounding the Japanese watch manufacturer in Iwate prefecture. Here, visitors will be able to experience forest bathing, a Japanese meditation technique that allows one to immerse oneself in nature and reconnect with it. In addition, along the way, it will be possible to admire some watches from the Evolution 9 collection whose dials are inspired by the white birch trees of Hiraniwa.

The "White Birch" model inspired by the white birch forests in Iwate prefecture

Continuing the visit, guests will move from the quietness of the forest to the vibrancy of the contemporary metropolis. An environment dominated by technology in which matter is presented in its human-transformed guise and in which time is the matrix of change. In this area, there will be an exclusive display of the extremely valuable collection created by the masters Takumi of Grand Seiko, as the highest expression of human ingenuity capable of creating extraordinary objects: Kodo Constant-force Tourbillon.

Kodo Constant-force Tourbillon

Grand Seiko is committed to the preservation of the white birch forest located on the Hiraniwa Plateau in Japan. In fact, in 2021 the Brand signed an agreement with Iwate Prefecture in which it guarantees the future health of Japan's largest white birch forest, renowned for its beauty and environmental significance.

Similarly, with the Matter in Motion project Grand Seiko pursues the same goal:
following an agreement with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, the Brand undertakes, once the Fuorisalone is over, to donate the birch trees used in the displays to the students of the Academy's Sculpture and Decoration courses, thus helping to support the expression of their creativity.

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