“The Art of Precision” with Signature Kitchen Suite

— 03 April 2024
Signature Kitchen Suite

A sensory journey discovering the fusion of advanced technology, exclusive design, and artisanal mastery in the kitchen.

During Milan Design Week, the acclaimed high-end built-in appliances brand, Signature Kitchen Suite, a part of the LG Electronics group, welcomes visitors to its captivating showroom for a free and public installation event. The goal? To delve into the art of precision that defines its products, offering impeccable performance through a masterful fusion of cutting-edge technology and meticulously curated design.

The "The Art of Precision" initiative presents a journey through experiences, discoveries, and encounters with true masters of crafts synonymous with precision. Guided by the flavourist, the watchmaker, the chef, the baker, and the glazier, attendees have the opportunity to explore the various facets of precision in the kitchen and understand how Signature Kitchen Suite applies these principles to its products, ensuring optimal conservation and enhancement of raw materials during cooking.

courtesy Signature Kitchen Suite

Throughout the journey, attendees will not only discover the flagship appliances but also unveil Signature Kitchen Suite's collaborative projects with the design world. Among the highlights is the partnership with Patricia Urquiola for the design of an elegant cabinet surrounding the undercounter convertible refrigerator, and the ongoing collaboration with m2atelier for a new iteration of SKINS, the sophisticated wine cabinet for wine cellar storage.

The stages of the showroom experience offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the art of precision. With the flavourist, they'll explore the precise ingredient ratios crucial for creating impeccable aromas and recipes, while with the master watchmaker, they'll discover the importance of time in the kitchen. The master glazier will share insights into precise temperature management, and the chef from the Signature Kitchen Suite Food Academy will demonstrate how precision is the result of meticulous practice. Finally, the master baker will enchant visitors with chocolate sculptures that epitomize precision in presentation and taste.

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