Art and artists contaminate the Fuorisalone

— 09 April 2024


The design week - right after the Art Week - allows itself to be contaminated by artistic languages, involving signatures and authors in installations, site-specific works, eclectic interventions and interpretations of the collections and design spaces.


Aljoscha X Tempesta Gallery
Tempesta Gallery and artist Aljoscha present a site-specific work in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Ukrainian artist Aljoscha, known for his biofuturistic creations that explore the relationship between biology and aesthetics, will present a site-specific installation that will transform the church's place of worship into a unique visual and sensory experience. Aljoscha's work will not only respect and enhance the beauty and sacredness of the church's large space, which moves between refined decorations and Baroque motifs, but will also offer a new perspective on its history and architecture, inviting the public to reflect on the connections between humanity, nature and beauty.
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Ceci n’est pas une salle à manger
For Milan Design Week 2024, Fornasetti transforms the dining room into a magical, surrealist space. The Milanese atelier employs its savoir-faire to explore the boundaries between decoration and object, reality and illusion, two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, mixing them, creating connections and inviting the viewer to unleash their imagination in a surrealist interplay between container and content.
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Romero Britto, courtesy Chiquita

Pop by Nature
Pop Art is, by definition, a democratic art form that is universally accessible. That's why the Chiquita House is an open, colourful and inclusive space where people can experience art in a spontaneous and interactive way. The artist who inspired the project is Romero Britto, one of the leading NeoPop artists and founder of the Happy Art Movement, whose work takes three-dimensional form in a series of immersive, engaging and fun rooms, all full of the pop spirit. Dive into a pool of bananas or colour an entire room with the artist himself - anything is possible at the Chiquita House.
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Delvis Unlimited continues its development of home accessories through the use of experimental materials with the exhibition "Love is a Typo," which includes products designed by Andrea Steidl, Matteo Cibic and ROU Materiaal, in collaboration with König Galerie through the works of Robert Janitz. An immersive experience, where Robert Janitz's canvases are developed on the upholstery belonging to the SLOPE’s family.
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Design Space AlUla, Madrasat Addeera Editions, Alwaha The Room Divider by Cristián Mohaded

A place of making
In the evocative space of the Mediateca Santa Teresa, visitors will be able to discover the creations of Saudi and international designers who have collaborated with the traditional crafts, materials and artisans of AlUla.
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courtesy Porsche

The Pattern of Dreams
Porsche returns to Milan Design Week with "The Pattern of Dreams" – the fifth iteration of the traveling art and design initiative "The Art of Dreams”. Design collective Numen/For Use takes the monochromatic diagonals within the pepita pattern -  first exhibited in the 356 C, 911 Porsche - and brings them to life with their monumental immersive artwork "Lines of Flight". As a "floating landscape”, the installation invites viewers to climb and explore this immersive social sculpture as a "community hammock" and a place of escape, transition, fantasy, and freedom.
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courtesy glo for art

Flower Up
glo for art together with Emiliano Ponzi present 'Flower Up'. An exclusive art installation that celebrates the positive spirit by transforming the spaces of the glo Hub into a kaleidoscopic adventure: an exciting tunnel leads visitors through reality and dreams, to an enchanting garden where a large installation elevates the experience even further to become its protagonist.
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