Elica Straordinaria: air and heat become architecture

— 11 April 2024
Elica Straordinaria

Air and heat come together in an ethereal space in the heart of Palazzo Litta. Elica, with the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, challenges the ordinary through the visionary project of the Japanese design studio we+.

Elica,leading company standing at the forefront of cooking appliance production and design, has always been synonymous with a pioneering approach to design. Its dedication to excellence is manifested in the combination of innovative technology, Italian creativity and unique design.

In an ongoing inclination to challenge the ordinary, Elica returns to the Fuorisalone with an extraordinary project. In collaboration with the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, committed to promoting dialogue between business and contemporary art, Elica presents Straordinaria, a unique installation. A never-before-seen tale, an expression of Elica's philosophy, which comes to life in the evocative courtyard of Palazzo Litta, in the heart of Milan's cultural district 5VIE.

The Project

The site-specific installation Straordinaria was conceived by the Japanese studio we+  with the artistic supervision of Marcello Smarrelli, director of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli. Inspired by the lightness of clouds, the work creates a continuous flow of tones that evoke air and warmth - natural elements strongly linked to Elica - in which creativity and innovation come together in the pursuit of beauty.

Immersive and surprising, the installation invites visitors to enjoy a unique sensory experience. The space opens up into an intimate dialogue with the work, where the skilful use of materials and the modularity of forms celebrate the mastery of Elica's creations. An experience that pays tribute to the creative genius and accuracy that distinguish the Italian company.

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