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Home coffee roaster
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Home coffee roaster

Luwak is a home coffee roaster that uses infrared heating to reduce time and consumption, and to increase the quality of roasted beans. But that’s not all: the roaster is designed to build an experience, to encourage the user to get involved and be inspired.  Through the app Luwak teaches the art of coffee roasting, simply by making you do it! The user can choose between 3 presets using the interface directly on the roaster, or he can access the “custom mode” on the app. The app also provides the “teaching mode”, where the user has just to slide 3 buttons with 3 properties of coffee’s flavour, and the roasting graph automatically updates. This method allows the customer to learn how the roasting graph affects the taste, teaching him through reverse-engineering how to manage the process. With time, the user will grow more and more conscious and self-confident, achieving a higher level of  control.



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