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"One Chance"
Memorial Installation for the Cemetery
From 15/06 AT 08:00

"One Chance"

Memorial Installation for the Cemetery

The facility aims to represent death in different forms and materials, and thereby allow the visitor to reflect on death as well as life as they leave the installation. Upon entering the space the visitor will find the space totally dark, but from time to time a focus light will appear, sliding on the inner surfaces, creating a path of light allowing the visitor to have a chance to cross the space while contemplating the serenity space and reflects about death. The cemetery represents physically the end of life, and the Cimiterio Monumentale is also a space that welcomes visitors only intending to admire it. For this reason, it seems to be the ideal place for the installation that intends to talk about death and provoke reflections around it. Inside the installation, lights that light up sporadically, and create a temporary path, represent the "chance" evidenced by Alighiero Boetti. On the other hand, every detail of the chosen project (concrete, earth, light and shade, and local) separately represent a single idea - Kosuth's concept - the death, as well as together create a space capable of conveying the same concept.



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