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A design speculation on death
From 15/06 AT 08:00


A design speculation on death

Have you ever thought that nationality and the value of death are connected? Today people believe that death does not make distinctions, sooner or later it comes to everyone, reaching every corner of the world. But it’s not like that: besides believing our lives to be more important than those of others, we also believe that death in some countries is more important than death in others. This is why Micromort, a Speculative Design project, was born: a fictitious currency, which aims to make people reflect on the value of death by giving a price to death depending on where it happens. The value of the currency – being closely connected to death – is subject to significant fluctuations: for this reason the project is presented through an installation that simulates a stock exchange, where it is possible to observe the data of the Micromort from 2000 to 2017 thanks to the 16 monitors, and interact with them on a 17th touch-monitor, specially designed for this purpose.



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