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Find beauty through boredom - La bellezza della noia
From 15/06 AT 08:00


Find beauty through boredom - La bellezza della noia

The project was born as a result of a long study on the theme of boredom, and how this is a characteristic of the human being. Boredom, often seen negatively, is here re-evaluated as an incentive to observe the surrounding reality and discover a beauty previously hidden. The theme is presented through a video-installation that uses five old cathode-ray tube TVs. The device is presented as an old machine, YAWN4300, a kind of artificial intelligence that broadcasts three scenarios of everyday life, often considered boring, identifying details worthy of being rediscovered. The three audiovisual contents can be selected by the user who interfaces with the machine and the experience consists in the projection of the relevant videos, which progressively fill the entire video wall. A change of perspective on the way of considering boredom is thus proposed.



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