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News, Appointments, Milan — 02 March 2024

Everything that will happen in the historic district of the heart of Milan during Design Week 2024, when showrooms, exhibition spaces, outdoor locations and many other initiatives come alive.

Brera Design District presents the fifteenth edition of its Design Week supporting "Materia Natura", the theme proposed by Fuorisalone to highlight design practices that encourage a conscious design culture that looks to the areas of sustainability with inclusive solutions capable of offering points of unprecedented perspectives on the environmental, economic and social impacts.

Brera Design Week 2024 will involve the design industry together with the entire community of emerging and enthusiasts, focusing on themes such as: innovation of materials, service design, art, domestic landscape, technology and living. On the part of the exhibitors, particular attention will be paid to the constantly evolving market, considering consumption and lifestyle, as well as the ways in which people, places and objects relate to each other in a culture increasingly oriented towards the immaterial.

© Studio Ianus

It is expected that in the district there will be over 260 events that will participate in the Brera Design Week schedule - also considering the 196 permanent showrooms, which include 15 new openings from May 2023. These numbers confirm Brera's role as the most relevant and important at an international level for the world of design, not only during the Fuorisalone in April, but throughout the year. This density of offer and the quality that distinguishes the permanent commercial establishments make the Brera Design District a point of reference thanks to its peculiar identity, which brings together tradition, lifestyle, culture, art, food and wine and hotel industry.

© Studio Ianus

The illustrations of Brera Design Week 2024
The images of the Brera Design Week in 2024 come to life for the first time thanks to the signature of Studio Ianus, which interprets the district through animated illustrations. The work arises from an interpretation of the neighborhood map, composed of different scenes of life in the district: the animation takes us for a walk on Corso Garibaldi, on top of a tram along Via Mercato, among the arcades of the Accademia, or aperitifs of via Moscova, evocative views that tell of a unique, stimulating and creative environment not only during the Fuorisalone.


© Porsche

Porsche, with “The Art of Dreams”, presents “The Pattern of Dreams”
“The Pattern of Dreams” is the 5th edition of Porsche's international touring art and design series "The Art of Dreams", launching in 2021 – an initiative that connects the public with creative communities, through the commissioning of works of art inspired by the theme of dreams. For Milan Design Week 2024, “The Art of Dreams” will celebrate pattern, rhythm, symmetry and repetition, premiering “Lines of Flight,” by design collective Numen/For Use, a monumental work of art interactive inspired by the iconic nugget motif first proposed in the 356C, 911 Porsche and which will consist of a suspended net that, like a "floating landscape", invites visitors to climb up and explore this immersive social sculpture as "a social hammock ” and a place of escape, transition, fantasy and freedom.
Read more about The Pattern of Dreams here

© Courtesy Valcucine

Valcucine presents “Architectural Scenarios”
"Architectural Scenarios" is the collective exhibition that enhances the versatility and integration with architecture of the Valcucine collections, interpreted by three renowned international architecture and interior design studios: ARRCC, i29 and Neri&Hu. Each project represents a dialogue between Valcucine kitchens and different architectural aesthetics: the holistic and personalized approach of i29, the artistic eclecticism of ARRCC and the exploration of the duality between tradition and modernity of Neri&Hu offer a complete overview of the possibilities offered by Valcucine products.

The installation designed by Emiliano Ponzi for glo for art
glo, in continuity with 2023, reconfirms its presence by adding a further stage to the large itinerant artistic project "glo for art" with an immersive site-specific installation signed by the famous illustrator Emiliano Ponzi. The exhibition space, entirely conceived and designed by the artist, is transformed into a large installation ready to flood Milan with an explosion of colors that surround a large portal and surround the visitor, inviting him to walk through a vibrant tunnel of shapes and colors

“Matter in Motion” by Grand Seiko
At Casa Brera, the “Materia in Movimento” installation explores the balance between man and nature, embracing the renewed partnership with Fuorisalone. is renewed for the second year, with a unique installation that reinterprets the "Materia Natura" theme. Casa Brera will be transformed, through a sensorial and immersive journey, into a birch forest, inviting visitors to experience forest bathing and reflect on the connection between man and the environment.

Signature Kitchen Suite: “The Art of Precision”
In the scenographic showroom in Piazza Cavour, Signature Kitchen Suite invites you to appreciate the value of precision - a distinctive element of its built-in appliances with a strong technological value - through engaging experiences, tastings, new products and unprecedented collaborations with the world of design.

FENIX® - “Design Duo Double Feature”
FENIX® - together with the Broadview Holding brands: Arpa®, Formica® and Homapal® - presents Design Duo Double Feature, curated by Federica Sala in the spaces of FENIX Scenario. The project investigates the potential of matter and surfaces starting from the concept of the double. CARA \ DAVIDE, DWA Design Studio, Martinelli Venezia, Næssi Studio, mist-o and Zanellato/Bortotto give life to furnishing elements that explore new multifaceted functions in an installation signed by the design duo Studioboom.

© House of Switzerland

House of Switzerland
In a collective exhibition, the Swiss Culture Foundation Pro Helvetia and Presenza Svizzera shine the spotlight on a group of talents linked to the world of contemporary design. Fueled by hope and optimism, through themes such as circularity, well-being and the connection with nature, the projects offer a unique interpretation of the joy unleashed by ingenuity and innovation.

Schumacher presents “The Home of Joy Comes to Italy”
The historic American international decoration house of luxury fabrics and wallpapers Schumacher - whose Italian company opened in January 2024 - inaugurates its showroom in Brera on April 15th on the occasion of Milan Design Week.

Solferino 28 presents “Città Miniera: Design, Dismantle, Disseminate”
Corriere della Sera reopens its doors to the public with an extraordinary installation designed by the Mario Cucinella Architects studio. A walk inside the historic courtyard will allow you to discover a "new" city designed and built with wooden fruit crates which, after having created an unprecedented urban space, will be dismantled to return to their original function. In a virtuous circle.

Casa Mutina presents “Ronan Bouroullec solo show”
On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024 Mutina presents a single show by Ronan Bouroullec doubling its spaces in via Cernaia, in which two new collections of coverings will be presented, one for interiors and one for exteriors, together with new Editions, ceramic objects in limited edition, which will become part of the Mutina catalog from April 2024.

© Marsotto

Marsotto editions
Two iconographic exhibitions will be set up in two locations: cult pieces in different colored marbles will be exhibited at the Marsotto showroom, while at Spazio Maiocchi the new line of modular kitchens will be presented, made entirely of stone, which bears the signature of the designers David/Nicolas.

laCividina presents “Human Made”
Suggestions and inspirations will follow one another in an installation created by Studio Salaris in the laCividina showroom within the scenographic spaces of Palazzo Borromeo D'Adda. “Man-made” shapes that dialogue with the world of design: hence the fascination for the archetypal element of the column.

Romero Britto – © Chiquita

Chiquita House - Pop by Nature
On the occasion of the global campaign "Pop by Nature", Chiquita brings the international artist Romero Britto to Milan. The art of the exponent of NeoPop and founder of the Happy Art Movement is the protagonist of the Chiquita House, an immersive, interactive and colorful space that enhances the pop nature of the most famous banana in the world.

Stark presents “Transitions”
The material is characterized by networks and structures in which the presence of water defines the morphologies and configurations through sinuous paths and unexpected shapes. The installation that Stark presents on the occasion of the theme proposed by Fuorisalone - created with the creative team composed of Alice Buroni, Gloria Lisi and Alex Buroni - invites a multisensory exploration of the states in which matter manifests itself. For the first time, going down into the Sala dei Pilastri of the Sforzesco Castle will be like entering a material in transition, thanks to the signs that water generates with and within it.

ADI Design Museum
The exhibitions that can be visited at the ADI museum during the Fuorisalone 2024: ORIGIN OF SIMPLICITY. 20 Visions of Japanese Design, an unprecedented reading of Japanese design with 150 works, curated by Rossella Menegazzo, with graphic design and installation by Kenya Hara; Feeling Good – Caimi, Design for the future, an exhibition on design reformism curated by Aldo Colonetti, Valentina Fisichella, installation project by Matteo Vercelloni, multimedia project by Ex Anima; Ottchil Design - OD / KOREA 옷칠디자인, exhibition on Korean design organized by DBEW | Design Beyond East and West; The moment before – Edra, exhibition of objects by Francesco Binfaré, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico. The museum will also host other events, exhibitions and installations, as well as the exhibition of the permanent collection of the Compasso d'Oro award.

© Oasis of inclusion

Oasis of inclusion - Aphorisms by Antonio Giuseppe Malafarina to understand diversity
Diwergo's Oases of inclusion are designed to celebrate human diversity: 5 sessions of different shapes and natures and 5 aphorisms by Antonio Giuseppe Malafarina help to embody the theme of inclusion and Design for All.

The collaborations and partners of Brera Design Week 2024 are: Identità Golose Milano; Alfonso Muzzi Catering; Moak Coffee; Montelvini; Lomography.

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