Ed. 2020 | design wor(l)dbook after lockdown
From 24/06 AT 09:30


Ed. 2020 | design wor(l)dbook after lockdown

Following the COVID19 pandemic, many design paradigms need to be rethought and re-invented. The POLIMI Design System community of the Politecnico di Milano will launch, on June 24, 2020, a continuous 24-hour live broadcast, through a schedule that follows the international time zones; this way it will travel around the world, keeping at each session the same moment of the day. The international network of the POLIMI Design System will be involved, and through teachers, professionals and alumni will start a fast and dynamic discussion dedicated to the culture of the project, oriented towards reflection on design changes after lockdown.

Through 30 minutes sessions, the 48 guests will develop their talks around a term, a keyword they propose, and consider to be significant in defining the design and its changes.

Despite the international dimension of the 24H WORLDWIDE DESIGN CONVERSATIONS, the POLIMI Design System promotes an initiative in close correlation with its territory, which can give a further strong push for a new start in Milan and Lombardy, particularly and sadly affected by the pandemic.

Production year:



Idea & Coordination_ Alessandro Biamonti

Curatorship & Organization_ Anna Barbara, Barbara Camocini, Giovanni Maria Conti, Silvia Gramegna, Beatrice Villari.

Strategy & Identity_ Mariana Ciancia, Eleonora De Marchi, Paola Galdi, Andrea Manciaracina, Francesca Piredda.

Guest Hunters_ Valentina Auricchio, Mario Bisson, Cabirio Cautela, Davide Fassi, Silvia Ferraris, Laura Galluzzo, Anna Meroni, Anne Schoonbrdodt, Francesco Scullica.

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