DIAB pavillon Circular Silver fir. A Circular Experience


Diab Pavilion_ Circular Silver Fir is a Circular Experience made by a group of students attending the Building Engineering-Architecture degree from the University of Padua. It is a path between students, teachers and Diab, a leader company in the development of core materials committed to sustainability. Diab is the first company in the world in the field of core materials that has set science-based targets approved by the SBTi (Science-Based Targets initiative). Diab Pavilion is a mono-material pavilion made of PET, a resistant, light and malleable material normally used as a core material but in this case it reveals itself and turns into the protagonist: it is a 100% recyclable material, reusable as a secondary raw material, preserving natural resources.

A rigorous design method has been applied in the background of this Circular Experience: the Eco Generative Architecture which observes nature through a microscope’s lens and extracts its codes and geometric, constructive, modular rules. The project, in particular, analyzed Silver Fir by extrapolating both cartesian and vectorial geometry. The resulting module ensured a simplified language for both the production and the assembly of the interlocking components.

The temporary nature of Diab Pavilion by definition causes the problem of waste: to remedy this, it is expected to be recycled at the end of its life, thanks to the dry construction and the single material.

A Circular Experience demonstrates how much Architectural Design is the founding principle in the Circular Economy and that a virtuous community has emerged from the synergy between University, Diab and Materially towards a new knowledge.

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