Event 2022

AquaSymphony. Discover the Sound of water

Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

"AquaSymphony. Discover the Sound of water" by Biohabitat Foundation is a roaring installation that recreates the magical sounds of the most hidden rainforests...

A project by Gianluca Cristoni and Davide Vercelli supported by Fondazione Biohabitat , Latifolia, Fima Caro Frattini, Battiloro Handpan and Serralunga that explores a new dimension of water and raises public awareness of the importance of biodiversity, spreading the culture of greenery, which has always been the mission of the Foundation, even in the city.

A specially designed pathway will give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a lush forest among Strelitzie, 100-year-old banana trees more than 6 meters tall, huge Jucca and Cicas Revoluta as they discover a sensory journey based on the sound of water and the melodies it can generate. A careful selection of plants and flower species to spread the concept of biodiversity and the importance of preserving our ecosystem, with specimens from all over the world, unique in size and life. A careful selection of Serralunga's vase models, all made of recycled and environmentally sustainable materials, will be able to demonstrate the possible balance between design and sustainability.
Focal points of the path will be two sound areas in which two Melograno dandelions by FIMA Carlo Frattini will spray a driving rain on a series of Handpans, giving life to a random and hypnotic melody created directly by the force of water. Water therefore becomes percussion and harmonic sound, investigating randomness: no sound sequence will be the same as those that preceded it or those that will follow as well as plants in nature, each one unique.

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