Breakthroughs begin with Curiosity

For more than 350 years, curiosity has been driving us to deliver excellence to patients and our customers – and to imagine the future. Merck is a vibrant team of specialists in Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials. We share a love of science and a passion for technology. Merck leads the global market in pearlescent pigments. They add shimmer to car paints, sparkle to lipsticks and luminescence to coatings on packaging. The unique physical properties of our functional materials are used for applications such as antistatic floor coverings, counterfeit-proof product labels or heat-reflecting blinds.

From plastics and printing to specialty coatings – with our innovative effect pigments and functional additives we have everything covered.

A never-ending journey into a fascinating world of colors, fantasy, design, special effects based on punctual research, colorimetry, interferences and light refraction angles ...
Effect pigments are a real concentrate of creativity, science and technology. It is pure emotion. Can you feel it?

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 June 2020

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 June 2020