Story on demand | Lorenzo Ferrario, D-Orbit
The future of logistic and space
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Story on demand | Lorenzo Ferrario, D-Orbit

The future of logistic and space

The space world is undergoing a major transformation. In a sector that has always been dominated by large institutions, such as space agencies and governments, small businesses and startups are making their way into the complex and varied "new space" movement, where manufacturers and service providers become one and the same, with the birth of the concept of "satellite as a service". D-Orbit fully embraces this philosophy, positioning itself as a provider of different services (space transportation, payload hosting, Earth observation), all provided with the same class of satellite platforms which D-Orbit is both producer and operator. As a result, a paradigm transition has become necessary, and in D-Orbit's corporate organization is fulfilled, with a commercial area almost entirely devoted to the sale of services, and a technical area dedicated to the development and production of the spacecrafts that provide those services. Rethink! is promoted by – Politecnico di Milano and the Service Innovation Academy.  Main Sponsor of Rethink! is PwC Italy.

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Lorenzo Ferrario,Chief Technical Officer at D-Orbit, Francesca Gambarini,
Journalist at Corriere della Sera. - Politecnico di Milano

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