Story on demand | Federica Alberti, Zambon
The future of pharma
From 20/06 AT 12:30

Story on demand | Federica Alberti, Zambon

The future of pharma

The great challenge of Zambon, chemical-pharmaceutical company, is to face daily change to better understand health demands, innovating the company while respecting its identity. Meeting the challenges of scientific, technological, and digital progress not just focusing on traditional molecular research but opening up at 360°. Changing the paradigm. This change has been translated into a new vision: "Innovating Cure and Care to make patients' lives better", going "beyond the pill", to identify and offer modern solutions that make patients' lives better, combining traditional therapies with new tools based on new digital technologies. The commitment to innovation does not only involve research and technology but is revealed on a series of different levels, to keep up with the times and to maintain that "inspiring breath". Rethink! is promoted by – Politecnico di Milano and the Service Innovation Academy.  Main Sponsor of Rethink! is PwC Italy.

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Federica Alberti, Head of Corporate Affairs at Zambon, Francesco Cancellato,
Deputy Editor in chief at Fanpage. - Politecnico di Milano

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