Building a Culture of Innovation - Thomas Prehn
From 17/06 AT 18:00

Building a Culture of Innovation - Thomas Prehn

The nature of change is changing — due to exponential pace and complexity — leaving no time for strategizing and innovation workshops, hence innovation must be part of the organizational DNA. Not as methods, processes nor physical spaces, but as culture, fueled by an experimental mindset and dedication to learn. We need to ask ourselves how we can identify the culture of innovation in order to recognise and change it. Thomas will distill innovation and culture from all the buzzwords and will share utilitarian examples of how he has worked with cultural transformation and tracked signs of success. Rethink! is promoted by – Politecnico di Milano and the Service Innovation Academy.  Main Sponsor of Rethink! is PwC Italy.

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Thomas Prehn, Strategist and Organizational Transformer. Board Member at ONE/THIRD, Guido Romeo, Business and innovation journalist. - Politecnico di Milano

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