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ABADIR: Merigio - Morgana Arcurio e Laura Leonardi
From 15/06 AT 08:00

ABADIR: Merigio - Morgana Arcurio e Laura Leonardi

In ancient times, the shadow allowed us to measure time. A simple rod pointed at the ground could determine the sundial time, from which we proceeded to the tripartition of the day. The shadow and the afternoon are closely linked. The midday hour became the only time that could be identified with objectivity and certainty; at the zenith of the Sun, in the sky, there is the minimum, almost non-existent extension of the shadow of things and men on Earth. Merigio is a clock lamp that takes up the characteristic features of the Sundial, and recreates a "sun-arts". branch". Inside it there is a LED lamp whose light strikes the three hands that act as a gnomon and mark the time through their shadow, on the surface on which the entire lamp rests.



Production year:



Thesis project Three-year course in Design and Visual Communication A. A. 2015-16
Design Lab
Students: Morgana Arcurio and Laura Leonardi
Supervisor: Vittorio Venezia

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