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ABADIR: Variazione36 - Giada Coco Michele Strano
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ABADIR: Variazione36 - Giada Coco Michele Strano

VARIATION 36 is the three-year thesis of Giada Coco and Michele Strano. The project is born from the analysis of the object "vase", starting from every single part rather than from the vase in its entirety.

Bruno Munari, in his idea of a project that always moves from the presence of a problem, takes up the Cartesian method and analyzes a problem by breaking it down into many minor parts. Thus, wanting to establish some formal qualities common to all vases, it is possible to immediately identify three parts: the neck, the belly, the base. These three decomposed parts live according to the main idea of the whole project, an idea that revolves around the concept of "union" and draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese recovery technique known as Kintsugi, which highlights the fractures, embellishes them and adds value to the broken object.

In this case, what is experienced is not the physical breakage of the object but an organized and designed decomposition of the object. Each part has the characteristic of being unique in shape, height and colour, even though it shares a crown of the same diameter, which allows its interchangeability.

The design path has therefore led not to the design of a vase, but to a collection with the possibility to obtain 36 variations with 9 pieces, obtaining 9 vases of 2 pieces and 27 vases of 3 pieces, with 8 heights that move between 5 and 45 cm.



Production year:



Thesis project in Design and Visual Communication A. A. 2015-16
Design Lab
Students: Giada Coco and Michele Strano
Supervisor: Vittorio Venezia

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