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ABADIR: Pangea - Fabrizio Zito
From 15/06 AT 08:00

ABADIR: Pangea - Fabrizio Zito

Born from the direct encounter between the African architectural tradition and the Sicilian artisan tradition, "Pangea" has as its objective the design of a family of vases, aimed at containing the main aromatic herbs belonging to the two different cultures. In the project, in fact, the smell plays an important role: it is the key to access memories. Its realization wants to break down every form of diversity, every border, affirming with its own name - "Pangea" - that, despite the apparent differences, we are all children of the same Earth. The project explores and re-proposes materials and artisan techniques typical of both Sicilian and African traditions. The working technique chosen to give shape to "Pangea" is the Colombino: the overlapping of clay cords, one on top of the other, until the desired shape is obtained. This technique was adopted only after a long analysis of the typical forms of African architecture and their methods of construction and urban aggregation; analysis that allowed to define the characteristics of shape, composition and aggregation of the project.



Production year:



Thesis project in Design and Visual Communication A. A. 2016-17
Design Lab
Students: Fabrizio Zito
Rapporteur: Francesca Lanzavecchia

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