DI.BIG - The pivoting security door that combines safety and design


Di.Bi Security doors, already a manufacturer of security doors for more than 40 years, this year presents its flagship product - the pivoting security door Di.Big. Di.Big, distinguished by its linear and elegant appearance has been designed to be suited any architectural environment, from the villa immersed in the green countryside to the attic of the city. Di.Big expresses its elegance and modernity through its fine finishes. Choosing between Laminam with its chromatic variations or Pearl lacquered, the lacquer processing with a durable and brilliant final effect, you get a sober and sophisticated result. Di.Bi. offers a space for imagination proposing more than 30 colors for PVC panels. The strength of this material makes it especially suitable for outdoor exposure, in contact with atmospheric agents. A modern door as Di.Big also offers traditional wood finishes, traditional and fashionable ones. Di.Big can include the interior and exterior wall finishes, according to the project to be realized, whose irresistible charm gives a heel of greater comfort and scenery. As an alternative, Di.Bi thought to introduce the glass sidelights and top windows which are available in different combinations, with the glass or the same finishes of the door for an aesthetic continuity. The hi-tech side of Di.Big is definitely in its locking electronic system that can be activated with app for smartphone or tablet, numeric keypad or fingerprint. The pivoting security door Di.Big, designed in Class 4 anti-intrusion is an element that makes a home not only more fashionable but also the safest place.

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