The Design Week Mexico is the World Design Capital 2018

The 10th edition of the best design and architecture fair of the county.


Mexico City has been selected as World Design Capital 2018, it is an official appointment assigned to cities that are recognized to be an example in areas such as sustainability, creative economy, design, architecture, urbanization and identity.


Through its program, it has been able to gather a creative community with Mexico’s main figures in culture, education, commerce and institutions. In 2018 Mexico City is the World Design Capital under the premise of socially responsible design.

Here below some of the appointments in the city

VISIÓN Y TRADICIÓN – This residence program developed for young national and international designers promotes the collaboration with local artisans to generate pieces that establish the dialog between traditional production and contemporary design.

INÉDITO – This initiative exhibits and rewards utilitarian design through the exhibition in Museo Tamayo of unpublished pieces from mexican creators.

DESIGN HOUSEDesign House  is an intervention exercise that merges disciplines such as design, architecture and interior design.

EXPO DW – National and international trade show of the contemporary design scene.

DISEÑO CONTENIDO – Shows a selection of commercial products from Mexican brands and designers in intermodal containers.

EXPO TORRE DEL RELOJ - This year, the invited city is Barcelona. Design Week Mexico presents the exposition Inspired In Barcelona: Elements. The venue is the Galería de la Torre del Reloj, located in Lincoln Park.

TERRITORIO URBANO - This experimental lab reactivates the public space through free workshops and exhibitions; binding together cultural institutions, galleries and neighbors from different boroughs.

Also RUTA DEL DISEÑO – This hop on and hop off free tour goes through showrooms and galleries in different boroughs of the Miguel Hidalgo district.


México Territorio Creativo it is the name of the new platform create to celebrate the 10th edition of this week, and four are the events: PROYECTO TAMAYO, CREATIVITY& CHANGE, DOCUMENTALES, ESTRUCTURAS EFÍMERAS.


The Design Week Mexico counts around the city more than 200 events and 100 activity, show, exhibition and temporary installation.








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