Fuorisalone meets Gio Tirotto

— 06 June 2024

Q&A with the Emilian designer who designs for the industry, especially objects to sit on, and much more including interiors, installations and limited editions - as well as a very exquisite liqueur. In 2024 he became the first Italian to design a chair for Ikea.

Gio Tirotto.

Describe what you do:
Research, artistic direction and product design, temporary and interior setup.

Where do you live and where is your studio?
I live in Fiorenzuola, where my studio is also located.

ph. Federica Bottoli

What are you designing today?
A chair, a table and a lamp.

Outdoor walk or tour in a museum?
Tour in a museum with a nice park outside.

Shopping at the local market or night supermarket?
Night supermarket.

If you could build a secret passage in your house, where would it lead?
At Wimbledon's Centre Court. 

ph. Matilde Bettati

In your opinion, what does represent most the relationship between Milan and design?
The relationship, the relationships. What is needed for a good project is the relationship between those who think of it and those who do it, between those who do it and those who want it. A chain of relationships.

The first place in Milan where you would take someone who has never been in town:
The Pravda (vodka bar) is no longer there, then the Bar Basso and the Palinuro Bar.

Bungee jumping from the Duomo or diving in the Naviglio?
Bungee jumping from the Duomo!

ph. Federica Bottoli

What was the very first thing you designed in life?​​​​​​​
A coffee pot, without a handle.

Something you have at home that you designed yourself:​​​​​​​
My GT01 chair (for infinity) around the kitchen table.

Dinner at a friend's house: what do you bring?​​​​​​​
A bottle of RYTO (spectacular Bargnolino liqueur).

Where do you buy a special birthday gift?​​​​​​​
At the record store.

What do you collect?​​​​​​​
I collect shopping bags, don't ask me why.

An object you couldn't survive without:​​​​​​​
Tennis racket.

The thing to never say or ask a designer:​​​​​​​Do you like it? What do you think about it?


ph. Federico Villa

Your masterpiece in the kitchen:​​​​​​​
Roast pork with apples and oranges.

If you could only eat one food your entire life, what would it be?

If you could only have one drink your entire life, what would it be?​​​​​​​

If you were a food what would you be?​​​​​​​
French fries.




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