Brera. Life, Style, Stories

— 19 June 2024

The magazine that tells the story of the coolest neighborhood in Milan is born, to help you discover the district that has put design and lifestyle at the center of its identity

It will be called Brera. Life, Style, Stories the new collectible magazine dedicated to the special places and people of the Brera district. With this editorial product and narrative tool it will not only be easier to be guided to discover the neighborhood, but above all it will be more fascinating: unpublished stories, hidden locations to explore, unmissable events and daily appointments will be told within the pages of the magazine.




Imagined for design lovers and luxury travellers, Brera. Life, Style, Stories will be distributed free of charge from October in around 200 selected locations in Milan, including luxury hotels, restaurants, boutiques and points of cultural and commercial interest. The international public that frequents and animates the neighborhood is in fact interested in activities that have to do with lifestyle, culture and art, to experience the city through the stimuli that make it unique. And then there is design, the great protagonist of the Brera district thanks to its 197 shops, which make it the place in the world with the highest density of showrooms and flagship stores in the furniture sector.




Brera. Life, Style, Stories will offer thematic itineraries and editorial content, interviews with people from the district, addresses to discover the most important places as well as the less traveled ones, as well as tips for the coolest shopping in the city, including luxury brands, historic shops , emerging and niche brands and some of the most important international antique, modern or contemporary galleries. And there will be no shortage of focuses dedicated to food, to talk about restaurants, bars, bistros, lounges for all tastes and budgets, among new refined openings and icons of the neighborhood that have made the history of the city.


If you want to participate in Brera's contents. Life, Style, Stories write to Brera Design District, to reach an exclusive, international and selected audience through its communication platform which is made up of different channels, designed to meet the most diverse promotional needs.



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