Fuorisalone meets Attila Veress

— 20 June 2024

From Transylvania to Milan, the industrial designer and creative director Attila Veress talks in a Q&A about his relationship with Milan, with design and with fermented hops.

Attila Veress

Describe what you do:
I work as a design consultant, dividing my time between product design, creative direction and strategic design projects.

Where do you live and where is your studio?
I spend my time between Milan, Pietrasanta and Murano and my office is where my work takes me.

What are you designing today?
The display, retail and merchandising system of a marble brand.

ph. Nicola Gnesi

Outdoor walk or tour in a museum?
Tour in a museum, like in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Shopping at the local market or night supermarket?
Night supermarket, never on an empty stomach.

If you could build a secret passage in your house, where would it lead?
Back in time, of course.

Your favorite restaurant in Milan:
Lunch at Ginmi and dinner at D'O.

Your memory related to the Fuorisalone:
The rush, and the fact of constantly being late, but with the knowledge that whatever the day brings, all roads lead to Bar Basso.

Your favorite corner of the city:
Antiques Market on Navigli, the last Sunday of the month.

ph. Paola Pansini


What was the very first thing you designed in life?
An imaginary city, with a Formula 1 circuit.

Something you have at home that you designed yourself:
My Bontà lamp, designed for Artemide.

Dinner at a friend's house: what do you bring?
Bottles and bottles of IPA.

What do you collect?
I have a wide selection of small designer objects under 100 euros.

ph. Nicola Gnesi

An object you couldn't survive without:

Your masterpiece in the kitchen:
Breakfast, and only who has been lucky enough to try it can confirm it.

If you could only eat one food your entire life, what would it be?
Shawarma, made the authentic way.

If you could only have one drink your entire life, what would it be?




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