How to communicate Design in China

Osservatorio — 03 January 2021

Our channels in China aim to recall the power of a brand like Milan, fully recognised and with a strong appeal to the Chinese public.

As already announced during this particular year, since May 2020 has been present on the Chinese social market with its official WeChat and Weibo accounts - 米兰设计周 FUORISALONE (Milano Design Week Fuorisalone) - managed in collaboration with Digital to Asia.

With more than a billion active users, WeChat is a real ecosystem, which was born as "just another social network", but it stands out for the large number of other actions that it allows to carry out: messaging, selling and buying, accessing any public administration service, playing games, receiving assistance, accessing live streaming, which in China are super popular.

An all-in-one platform that - together with Weibo - is today the most used application by the Chinese community.
It is in this context that the world of presents itself with its own account to proudly act as a year-round collector of trends, companies and design products, especially those made in Italy.

Our channels in China are not only tools for the promotion of previews and exclusives of the most important Design Week in the world. They also aim to recall the power of a brand like Milan, fully recognized and with a strong appeal to a public, the Chinese one, more and more interested in the Occidental style and its avant-garde.

The strategy put in place with Digital to Asia is to support brands and companies in approaching the Chinese market through the Mini-Programs that, on the Official Account of Fuorisalone, includes a selection of the Best Italian Design Brands.

What are Mini-Programs

The WeChat Mini-Programs are sub-applications belonging to and integrated with the WeChat ecosystem, and as such are perfectly connected with all the functions of the main application. The Mini-Programs are already widely used on the market and in particular by the accounts of the most influential Chinese Design Week, which through them promote in detail the brands present at the fair.

The participation of brands and companies in the Mini-Program section of the Official Account of means being present with a real landing page, always reachable through the dedicated section on the home page.

B&B Italia, Cassina, Meridiani and Visionnaire have already been selected by as Best Italian Design Brands and are therefore present with their own "mini-site" representing the most exclusive Italian design.

The project is managed in collaboration with the partner Digital to Asia.

With its expertise in the Chinese market, it supports brands and companies in approaching Asian markets and digital internationalization processes.
In collaboration with Studiolabo and on the occasion of Fuorisalone Digital 2020, Digital to Asia has created a webinar that explores the potential of the Fuorisalone China project, available on-demand on Fuorisalone TV here.

In addition to Digital to Asia, the Official Accounts WeChat and Weibo of are supported by several cultural partners, both Italian and Chinese, in line with the objectives and the reference market (, Yes Milano, Dal Piano A al Piano @, and the most important Design Weeks in the Chinese market, Shenzhen Creative Week, Beijing Design Week, Suzhou Design Week and Shanghai Design Week).

With these partners there is a continuous exchange of visibility and content, but also strategic territorial projects. An example is the presence of at Shenzhen Creative Week 2020, which has led to a significant increase in the number of followers of the account as proof of the strength that a cultural and commercial bridge between East and West in the field of design can have.


If you are interested in learning more, write us at or fill in the form on the page dedicated to Fuorisalone China.

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