FORESTAMI: A green project to improve the quality of life in Milan

News, Milan — 24 November 2020

Planting 3 million trees in the territory of the metropolitan city of Milan - multiplying the number of plants along streets, squares and courtyards, on the roofs and facades of our homes - is the most effective, economical and engaging way to slow down global warming, reduce energy consumption, clean the air we breathe from fine dust, improving the well-being of citizens.

Forestami is the urban forestation project for Milan, born from a research of Politecnico di Milano with Falck Foundation and FS Sistemi Urbani and supported by Municipality of Milan and Lombardy Region. The plan aims to involve the participation of both public and private entities, with the aim of planting, by 2030, 3 million new trees in the city, in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of citizens. An opportunity, this one, to dispel the myth of Milan as a city only grey and full of fog.



Forestami is a project that not only looks at the aesthetic side of the city, but aims, on the contrary, to stimulate and leverage the physical and mental well-being of the people who live there. Multiplying the number of plants along streets, squares and courtyards, on the roofs and facades of our houses, is in fact the most effective, economic and engaging way to intervene on global urban warming, energy consumption and air pollution.

The positive effects are many. The presence of trees in metropolitan areas helps to regulate the climate by reducing the heat island effect, enhancing the reabsorption of rainwater, mitigating strong winds and cooling and regenerating public areas through shade. Energy costs are reduced because the presence of trees helps to regulate the heating and cooling of buildings.

Trees also actually capture CO2, cleaning the air of harmful dust. The roots of trees improve the quality of the soil, becoming a natural and beneficial remedy for the reclamation of the most polluted soils, thanks to the process of phytoremediation

Trees also have an important impact on the lives of citizens: they contribute to physical and psychological health, with the reduction of cardiovascular diseases and cases of overweight and obesity, and stress and anxiety levels, according to the tradition and practice of forest bathing.

The application process of the Forestami project is in progress. The strategy applied so far has given rise to a mapping process that has highlighted the areas of potential forestation intervention. In particular, from now until 2030, there will be intervention on the increase of green and permeable areas, reinforcing the greenery in public parks; on the increase of green roofs in condominium buildings; on school, university and guest yards, on gardens and private courtyards to be transformed into real green oasis; on the creation of an orbital forest in the city. 

Currently 280,582 new trees have already been planted. There is no doubt still a long way to go but the final results aim to be simply wonderful.

To take an active part in the project you can make a donation through the dedicated website at

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