Picked by Nina, collectible design becomes accessible

Picked by Nina, in collaboration with the creative duo Simple Flair, is a virtual format, launched in a special historical period, aimed at demonstrating that uniqueness is not always synonymous with inaccessibility.


Following the path already started with Heritage - A Lifelong Collection, presented at Fuorisalone Design City 2020, the project Picked by Nina proposes pieces exclusively made for the Nilufar Gallery, in numbered series and chosen with the precise intent of making collectible design accessible. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the project is shown entirely in digital form, thanks to the collaboration with Simple Flair, in order to reach as many people as possible and attract an "unexpected" audience, such as the youngest design enthusiasts. 

The careful curatorial choice of Nina Yashar, founder of Nilufar, leads to discover through the project Picked by Nina, two important collections in absolute preview, signed by two emblematic figures of Italian and international design: Gaetano Pesce and Andrea Branzi.

By Gaetano Pesce is presented in exclusive Travel Vase, a silicon "travel" vase, made in 2003 in 200 numbered pieces for Nilufar. This series represents a strong and very appropriate message: in a historical moment that forces us to immobility, the theme of travel is charged with meaning, turning into an almost dreamlike idea of escape, of desire. This vase, designed to be folded and put in a suitcase, becomes a symbol, a talisman through which we can recreate and relive, wherever we are in the world, our idea of home, of "feel like home". A poor object of relative originality if you think of the typical subjects of Fish, but which finds value and authenticity in the story it intends to tell.

Gaetano Pesce by Michele Foti

By Andrea Branzi is presented the limited series "ARCHITETTURA POVERA", original etchings/acquetry with the artist's signature, presented in 2011, again exclusively by the gallery, at Palazzo Durini in Milan. The 50 examples of etchings selected here represent chicken coops, sheepfolds and agricultural fences, subjects that typically return to Branzi's imagination. The works represent spaces that possess a charisma, a mystery, a secular sacredness. Branzi himself explains that "in the boundless spaces of globalization these places define a constellation of local experiences, devoid of function, meaning and also (perhaps) of beauty. Temporary places, which are at the lower base of the built universe. They are an elementary threshold made up of simple qualities, but precisely for this reason they are difficult to achieve". An invitation to rediscover one's own spaces, made of those simple qualities that are sometimes as desired as they are difficult to achieve.

Andrea Branzi by Michele Foti

"Each of the pieces I chose - explains Nina Yashar - tells a precise story, is part of me, my story and Nilufar's story. Each work is a unicum, produced in limited series, which adds an important piece to my path in the world of design, reveals an encounter that has generated an exchange and therefore a project, an object that becomes a bearer of meaning and that translates into an exclusive and collectible value".

Nina Yashar - by Mattia Iotti

Picked by Nina is a clear declaration of intent, which through the careful curatorial choice of Nina Yashar, enters the intimacy of our homes and leads us to discover and dream of wonderful and unique objects. From 2021, the collections will also be available for purchase on the new Nilufar website.



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