Viavài, an open-air exhibition in Milan's fashion windows

Appointments, Milan — 01 February 2021
Federica Sala

In via della Spiga, four shop windows become temporary stages for young artists, which can be visited despite the pandemic.

VIA, Visiting Installation Art has recently unveiled Viavài, an exhibition of contemporary art in the shop windows of via della Spiga in Milan, conceived by Lorenzo Lombardi and Valentina Angeloni and curated by Federica Sala

Nathalie Du Pasquier © Valentina Angeloni

A cultural project realised in collaboration with the owners of some shops in Via della Spiga, between Via Borgospesso and Via Manzoni. The idea is to turn the shop windows of one of the city's most commercially important streets (but emptied by the pandemic) into exhibition spaces for temporary works and art installations. In this way the emptiness becomes an opportunity to offer passers-by an alternative vision and an unconventional exhibition language.

Regine Schumann © Valentina Angeloni

Viavài proposes a four-way conversation between Nathalie Du Pasquier, Gianluca Malgeri with Arina Endo, Lorenzo Vitturi and Regine Schumann, comparing very different works in terms of style and materials, but united by their intrinsic ability to dialogue with the spaces that house them. Partners in the installations are Mutina, Magazzino Gallery (Rome), Galleria T293 (Rome) and Dep Art Gallery (Milan).

Lorenzo Vitturi © Valentina Angeloni

Lorenzo Vitturi © Valentina Angeloni

The works on display until March 2021, are not accessible to the public but are clearly visible from the street and described through captions that are intentionally visible even from a safe distance. 

Viavài is a flexible format that will change over time through new curatorial proposals, always with the logic of maximum dynamism in the interaction with local shops, which will be free to enter or leave the project according to the availability of their spaces.

Gianluca Malgeri & Arina Endo © Valentina Angeloni

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