Van Gogh's Starry night in Lego format

From an idea by a student Truman Cheng, a Lego and painting lover, comes a set that celebrates the famous masterpiece by the Dutch artist.


After the set for lovers of green, Lego presents a new project, the brainchild of a fan of coloured bricks. Truman Cheng, 25, a doctoral student from Hong Kong, proposed through the Lego Ideas section to reproduce the famous painting Starry night by Vincent Van Gogh, made in 1889.


"While playing with Lego, I discovered that by randomly overlapping the bricks, the construction was reminiscent of Van Gogh's iconic brushstrokes," Cheng explained. "My favourite part of this project is the design of the cloud: it is composed of a large number of brushstrokes directed in every direction. To achieve this effect, I used some parts of clips and brackets to achieve the desired effect, then built another layer of Lego plates stacked in front to hide the clips."


Cheng's proposal received more than 10,000 online votes from the public and the Danish company decided to turn the idea into a set of 1,551 bricks that will soon be marketed. Included in the box will be a miniature Van Gogh figure complete with brush, palette, easel and a miniature version of the painting, printed on one of the pieces.


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