Medea 1905 presents the new HUO collection designed by Steve Leung

The historic Medea company has produced a collection entirely dedicated to the tea ceremony.


Medea 1905historic company from Brianza, Meda, presents its new HUO collection, dedicated to the tea ceremony, designed by Steve Leung and presented at the latest edition of Design Shanghai. 



Medea 1905, starting from the English furniture of the late nineteenth century to land on French Liberty style, of which it is a renowned publisher, is well known for the ability in the reproduction of a series of historical, anonymous and author’s pieces, which run through the history of furniture of the twentieth century and have as common denominator the quality of the project and its materials. A know-how that is typical of the Brianza area, where in fact the main protagonists of the "Made in Italy" worldwide can be found.


Medea 1905's decision to engage Steve Leung for the design of the HUO collection comes as a result of the successful collaboration started with the Medea flagship store in Shanghai in 2018. But it is also the company's response to the increasingly frenetic rhythms of contemporary living, which require a new focus on moments dedicated to wellbeing and individual regeneration: in offices, hotels, wellness centres and spas. This change in lifestyle is also reflected in the culture of furnishing and in the demand of customers in the contract and hospitality sectors. 


HUO integrates European heritage and Medea's savoir-faire with touches of oriental aesthetics and sensibility. In Chinese society, tea is conceived as a means of positive interaction between people. Every piece of furniture and accessory incorporates the element of tea in its details, such as the electronic pedestal integrated in the HUO tea table, to facilitate the habits of tea lovers when preparing their favourite blend. 

Steve Leung is an internationally renowned architect, interior and product designer from Hong Kong. For over 30 years, he has been creating unique designs with a contemporary feel, taking inspiration from Asian culture and arts. Recognised 15 times at the Andrew Martin International Interior Design Awards, Steve is the winner of the Interior Designer of the Year Award 2015.


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