WQube is the new proposal by Tecno, for increasingly efficient and flexible offices

News — 06 April 2021

The historic Brianza-based company presents its new plug & play modular system for creating work and community spaces.

Tecno, leading company in the creation of interior architecture and furniture for workplaces and community spaces, presents WQube, an architectural system of hyper-technological and efficient modules. The system, based on the "cell" concept, is made up of modular parts that can, depending on the need, be assembled to define different flexible multi-spaces. 


Each space, starting from a light and essential structure, can have a precise independent function - executive and operative office, meeting room, lounge area for waiting. By combining several spaces, the WQube system is also able to create entire interconnected, hyper-technological networks. The technological integrations of WQube can also be controlled through a single app, Dina - Connecting Spaces, which allows to manage and optimise resources in order to create an environment that can be booked remotely and accessed safely. This technological aspect is the result of the work and partnership with IO.T Solutions, a company already part of the Tecno group. 



The system is therefore based on modules that are not dependent on the building in which they are located, and which can be developed freely in space and can be updated easily in time and space. Any closed, empty and aseptic environment can therefore be quickly and sustainably transformed into autonomous micro-workspaces (potentially always connected), ideal for co-working spaces and shared environments requiring speed and flexibility


The possibility of alternating glazed and blind areas, high acoustic performance, lighting and ventilation are designed to ensure the best conditions of comfort and privacy inside the WQube, improving the well-being of users. The LED lighting is dimmable while the silent, energy-efficient ventilation system ensures a constant temperature, continuous air circulation and air purification. 


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